Healthcare should be universal to all people.
People in the United States of America should not have to forego a hospital or doctor visit because the provider won’t take their insurance or because they can’t afford insurance at all. Healthcare in the United States of America should be universal to all people, the way it is in the vast majority of developed nations on Earth. People should not have to forego a hospital or doctor visit because the provider won’t take their insurance or because they can’t afford insurance at all. Currently, approximately 12% of Americans do not have health insurance. As Americans, we shouldn’t have to
worry about not being able to pay for health insurance because of a job loss. We need a health care system that provides quality health care to all, not just the wealthy among us. Medicare for All is a workable solution if we work toward it together.
Income Inequality
Too many corporations in our district are not paying their fair share in taxes. Also, when companies escape New York for New Jersey due to high tax burdens, they push out residents who can no longer afford some neighborhoods. In addition, corporations must stop sending their profits and jobs overseas to avoid paying U.S. income taxes. There must be a progressive estate tax on the top 1%. We must also enact a tax on Wall Street since the financial industry has been responsible for the destruction of so many people’s lives.
It is beyond me how fast food employees make as much in one hour as it costs a customer to pay for a Big Mac in two seconds. We must increase the New Jersey minimum wage from $8.60 to $15 per hour in big corporations. The cost of living is far too high for anyone to make a reasonable living off of the current minimum wage. I don’t advocate for the same wage hike in small businesses which have five or few employees because the increase in the cost of doing business might be prohibitive to the bottom line.
The Environment
Climate Change is the greatest threat to our nation and this world.
The Fossil Fuel lobbyists buy candidates and are the ones who are large factors for putting politicians who are bought into office.
LGBTIQ Equality
I firmly support any bill that prohibits discrimination against LGBTIQ people.
Discriminating against anyone in the areas of employment, housing, social, economic or any forms are absolutely unacceptable
Social Security
Seniors need to feel secure that they won’t fall into poverty.
Seniors in this country have been paying taxes far longer than the rest of the population and we need a system that stands by them as they age. People didn’t work their whole lives, having hundreds of dollars taken out from bi- weekly checks to then turn around and not be supported.
America is the greatest nation in the world because of its diversity.
We are a country that believes in supporting people, but not abusing the system.
Free tuition needs to be mandatory .
I support introducing a bill that no longer allows the federal government to take advantage.
I support a new bill in Congress that would no longer allow the federal government to profit from student loan debt.
Corporate Donations
No candidate should receive donations from corporations.
The rich control the politics in our country because our laws allow them to do so.
Racial Justice
Our elected officials are using race to drive a wedge between us as citizens .
Our prison systems are a large corporation run like a hotel where they want to keep the occupancy full at all times.
We need to improve the processing of Veterans’ compensation.
As the Director of the Services to the Armed Forces program for the Red Cross, I supported Veterans, their family members, active duty military soldiers and their families.
Fighting for Disability Rights
We must expand the social safety net.
At a time when millions of disabled Americans are struggling economically, we cannot turn our backs on those who are disabled.