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Mahmoud Mahmoud was born in Cairo, Egypt and immigrated with his brother, sister and parents to the US at the age of 4. Him and his family became naturalized US Citizens a few years later. Mahmoud’s father worked 3 jobs to support his family. His mother worked as a housekeeper in a hotel and at a fast food restaurant mopping floors. Mahmoud’s experience with poverty at a young age gave him the strength to get involved with public service as he got older. Mahmoud grew up in the neighborhood of Parsippany, NJ. Mahmoud was in ESL classes in the first and second grade of middle school. Mahmoud’s experiences as an immigrant and with poverty makes him understand both the immigrant struggle and working with people from all backgrounds.
Mahmoud was the Vice President of the Student Government Association at William Paterson University dealing with a budget of tens of thousands of dollars, as well as the Sophomore class president. Mahmoud graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. After being accepted to several law schools, Mahmoud decided to forego law school to attend the Clinton School of Public Service at Arkansas University, where he received a Master’s Degree in Public Policy/Public Service. This opportunity allowed Mahmoud to meet with elected officials, community activists, and leaders from many industries. Mahmoud worked in maximum security prisons and correctional facilities. He worked with youth to keep them in programs and off the streets of tough neighborhoods so that they don’t end up incarcerated in prison.

Mahmoud then lived in Egypt for a few years where he began focusing on issues pertaining to poverty in Egypt. While in Egypt, he taught US history and English at an International School which provided him a high level of respect for teachers. Mahmoud then went on to work at the United Nations in Cairo with individuals fleeing from countries due to conflict and disaster. Mahmoud was responsible for providing decisions for over 1,000 individuals, on whether they were to be expelled from the county or could legally stay.
Mahmoud then moved on to work at refugees camps in Kenya and Somalia with the United Nations to work with the most vulnerable and lowest income individuals on the planet.
Mahmoud returned to New Jersey where he became the Director of an immigration and refugee program based in Jersey City, building the office from the ground up to welcome refugees and immigrants into New Jersey. He saw the struggles in navigating the social security administration, finding jobs, registering for schools, as well as finding safe, affordable and clean housing.

Mahmoud worked as an community organizer in Jersey City and throughout Hudson County focusing on issues of improving education, affordable housing, as well as safety and gun violence. Mahmoud organized over 1,000 tenants and leaders throughout the city to fight predatory landlords who would illegally raise rent and try to forcefully evict tenants. Mahmoud has worked on the ground in some of Jersey City’s toughest neighborhoods to bring jobs, advocate for more community policing, and better quality of education.
Mahmoud was the Regional Director for the Services to the Armed Forces for the American Red Cross. Mahmoud supported active military members, veterans of our military and their family members and has connected with many veterans about their struggles with the VA. Improving the VA is one of Mahmoud’s top priorities. Mahmoud is running because he believes in the equality of all of District 8th’s residents and wants people to prosper irrespective of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, political opinion, gender, or any particular social group.

With your support, I look forward to standing up
for what we care about.

America is the greatest nation in the world because of its diversity not despite it. Millions try to do whatever they can to enter into the United States at embassies across the world and pay fees each year just for the hope that they can get a visa. That is because irrespective of your race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, political opinion or other differences, you can still achieve the American dream as long as you work hard. Our country is the greatest because people from all over the world bring their ideas, and innovation from different parts of the world and use it to make our country the best.

But as I travel around the 8th Congressional District in New Jersey, I have met too many people who are struggling, much of our youth and elderly are disenfranchised with our politicians and the political system, unable to find work, worrying about paying for their mortgage or the dimenshing education in the district, uncertain about the costs and future of health care, or unsure whether they will have a secure retirement.

I have always spoke out even when it was not popular to do so or could mean serious retribution against me for doing so. Therefore, it is important that we have a person in congress who actually cares about the interests of the people not the interests of big banks, massive corporations, lobbyists, or other entities that pay to play. As I have spent my life as a humanitarian, whether in conflict zones, or low income communities throughout New Jersey, supporting the most vulnerable amongst us has always been my life’s mission. So, I will be looking to take on the powerful on changing to improve our environment, expanding the middle class, LGBT equality, fighting for a woman’s right to choose, fighting for veterans, equal pay for women, immigration reform, lowering our debt, As congressmen I will fight on a platform of Medicare for all, a $15/hour living wage, free college tuition at public colleges and universities, the reduction of student debt, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, fighting climate change and promoting racial and social justice.and doing so while being as inclusive of all of district eighths residents.

Serving New Jersey’s Eighth Congressional District after the November 2018 election would be my highest honor and greatest responsibility of my life. With your support, I look forward to standing up for what we care about. I welcome your perspectives, comments and ideas on these issues and hoping that you join my campaign for A New Way Forward!

I welcome your perspectives, comments and ideas on these issues and hoping that you join my campaign for A New Way Forward!. “

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